Another Great Lakes treasure was protected from oil and gas drilling today

I’m so thankful to see the Michigan Department of Natural Resources protect the ‘holy waters’ of the Au Sable River today, thanks to heavy opposition from many environmental groups, landowners and concerned hunters and anglers.

Below, Director Keith acknowledges the need to protect critical locations and I personally hope this mindset continues within both the MI DNR and DEQ. We need a lot more proactive measures from these agencies in order to sustain our waters.

State Natural Resources Director Keith Creagh prohibited drilling on land tracts in the Au Sable River’s “holy waters” corridor Thursday while approving oil and gas exploration leases that worried fly fishermen and environmentalists.

“Michigan has special places that deserve careful attention and thoughtful protection,” Creagh said while announcing his decision at the monthly Michigan Natural Resources Commission meeting here. “The Au Sable River is one of those places.”

You can read more about this breaking news at the The Detroit NewsDNR director prohibits drilling near Au Sable River corridor


The Au Sable River at Thompson's Landing by Linda N.

The Au Sable River at Thompson’s Landing by Linda N.